Kulshan Alpenglow

���� A Print for Ukraine ����

No. 91

Each week I post a discounted image for sale to benefit the children of Ukraine.

All proceeds from the sale of  ����A Print for Ukraine���� are donated. 

"Kulshan" is an anglicized form of a native Nooksack name for the mountain we call Mt. Baker today. Kulshan is an active volcano that stands almost 11,000 feet high in the Northern Cascades. According to Wikipedia it has the second-most thermally active crater in the Cascade Range after Mount St. Helens. Also, I can't pass up a good contrail! 

Through Thursday December 7, all proceeds from the sale of  Kulshan Alpenglow go to UNICEF for the benefit of Ukrainian children.

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Kulshan Alpenglow (Ukraine discount available through Dec 7.)Kulshan Alpenglow (Ukraine discount available through Dec 7.)