Scott R McFarland(non-registered)
Very professional... great sense of composition... a true artist....
Great Web site, Maintain the very good job. Regards! nisha
Dave Matheson(non-registered)
Mr. Moore, Really enjoyed your Site in the Filmic world and you're right.. on! Thanks for leaving an impression and the views. Going to return to the Site again and agaln. Thank You. Dave
Rob MacKillop(non-registered)
You're my hero, Brian! The Fotiemeister!
Thomas Laymon(non-registered)
Mr. More,

I have always been a fan of your photography and must say you continue to take it to new levels. Hope to see some great new posts in the future. Love your architecture and dance in film they are amazing!

I added my website in the field below. Advice for improvement would be appreciated. Be sure to click down through two levels individual shots.
Brian TINK Tinkler(non-registered)
You've got a keen eye for photography. Great stuff, keep it up.
Wonderful pictures, you have a great eye for capturing the most interesting images.
Robert McAlmon(non-registered)

This is one very good looking and most interesting site. You've got some great categories and some fantastic pictures in each of them. I'll be sure to "visit you" periodically to enjoy more fruits of your most creative eye of the photographer

Sincerely yours

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